COVID -19 Update & Preventative Measures

Dear Customer/ Business Partner,

In light of COVID-19 pandemic, our priority remains the health and safety of all staff, their families and our business partners.

At the same time we would like to ensure that the service we provide to our customers and business partners is not interrupted or affected as little as possible.

To ensure business continuity, our work policy have now adopted the following risk mitigation and containment guidelines as advised by the Government health authorities:

Site Visits

External visitors, including suppliers, sales representatives and customers will not be accepted at our office, 301 Catherine St Leichhardt NSW 2040, unless proof of vaccination is provided upon entry (until further notice). We encourage pickups and exchanges via post and courier where possible. Please note that our customer service and technical service team may be unable at times to visit any sites outside the business for training, repairs and other business related purposes. This is reliant on the current public health information and government restrictions available at the time of enquiry. Many face to face trade conferences and exhibitions have also been cancelled throughout Australia in the interest of public safety, but please feel free to contact us further up to date details.

Continuity of Service

Our Customer Service and internal support staff operate as per normal and we will continue to be available to you via phone and email.

Due to the nature of our business supplying medical devices and consumables for essential use, all our team members are still working from our Leichhardt office. This may change from time to time as the federal and NSW State Government adjust restrictions. Service and Supply will continue uninterrupted as normal via phone, email, fax and live chat.

Inventory and Supply

We are experiencing significant demand for non-contact thermometers, PPE consumables and electrodes. We have ensured addition stock is on hand. However, due to the demand for these items, short stock situations may be unavoidable. Dermatoscopes, textbooks and other medical devices are currently unaffected and we expected supply to continue on a weekly basis without much delay.

We will be launching a new range of PPE and infection control products very soon, we will keep you informed via our weekly email newsletters to you. Please register here to keep up to date with our products.

Delivery and Courier Interactions

Our Warehouse and delivery services continue to operate as per usual. There are no disruptions to the receipt of goods. Thank you all for your understanding, patience, and your partnership in this unprecedented situation caused by the outbreak of COVID-19. Please feel free to contact our customer service team on 1800 810 074 if you need any further information.

We will be launching special offers online to combat the lack of face to face opportunities over the following months, so please continue to check our site and email alerts for these upcoming special offers.

We wish you all the best during the current tumultuous times and we are all confident we will make it well into 2022!