Software Downloads

Software Downloads

If you require replacement PC link software for your CT200 Series ECG please click on the links below to download this software as a .zip file. For help installing software please refer to your user manual

Or refer to this quick guide.


CT200 Real Time PC Software

CT200C Real Time PC Software Ver 3.1

CT200VET Real Time PC Software - used by CT200Vet with built-in printer

CT200CV Real Time PC Software - USB only version

Device Driver for CT200C

RT200 PC Software - Windows 7 64-bit PC

Manual Downloads

If you require a user manual for your ECG machine or patient monitor, please click on one of the files below to download the user manual as a Word file. For all other user manuals please contact Macquarie Medical Systems.

ECG Manuals

CT100 User Manual

CT200 User Manual

CT200 VET User Manual

CT200C User Manual

CT200CV User Manual